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10 best expository essay topics for students

Education is one way to succeed in life. Education is one of the necessary things that can make a human an ethical person. While having education one of our primary homework is to create or write an essay. Many students struggle to write an essay which can impress the teacher to give them good grades. We are here to tell me how to write a near to perfect expository essay and 10 best expository essay topic for students.

First of what is an essay?

An essay is a brief piece of text which present and supports a topic. The origin of the word essay is a Latin word exagium which means the presentation of a case.

When you are writing an essay, you are giving information and making a case for the validity of a point of view, analysis, interpretation or even a set of facts or procedures.

What is an expository essay?

Expository essays discuss the topic by using facts and figure while not using opinions. This requires the writer to research and investigate while setting forth their argument clearly and concisely.

How to write an expository essay

Decide on your topic.

The initial step to writing a compelling expository essay is to decide a topic. The best advice to choose a great topic is to decide on an issue which really interests you. Many captivating topics in the world can be easily explored, but you will have to choose on which interest you to write it. This will make the writing process much relaxed and more joyful.

Expository essay outline

Once you have decided a topic on which you will write it time to make an essay outline. Creating an outline is very supportive when you are writing an essay. It will help as a guide to writing your essay and will help keep track of your progress.

Research relevant information and realistic evidence.

To write an essay, you will need to gather all the critical and significant information regarding your topic. Try to find the information from various sources. You can also find other information and method that can help you expand your expository essay topic. These methods will be like conducting surveys, interview and taking reviews. Your evidence supporting your point of view should precise enough to help you validate your argument. Another major thing you will need to keep in mind is to take notes of all your sources and references.

Begin writing.

The first paragraph of the essay is called an introduction. You will have to write a decent introduction as this will catch the reader’s interest. The first paragraph of the article will include a clear and short defined statement of the topic. If you want to write a near to perfect essay, you will have to master this part of the paper, or you can even pay someone to do it. See the outline you just created and follow it to write the essay. Try to write formal tone as the expository essay are better proper tone.

If your essay is clear and has a smooth transition between the introduction, body and conclusion, the best method to improve the readability of your paper. This will allow the readers to follow the topic quickly and it’s thought throughout the essay.

All the paragraphs should be understandable, steady and must have a reasonable link to the topic statement. We suggest to limit the one idea per paragraph and remember to add the best supporting evidence to justify your arguments.

Lastly, you will write the conclusion of the essay. Another novice’s mistake people do that they introduce new ideas while writing the end. In the conclusion part, you are supposed to address the points which were mentioned earlier you have presented in the introduction and body. Proofread and edited your work until completes the requirement and satisfy the expectation. You can hire another firm or person to proofread and edit your work.


Treating your expository essay as a formal and intellectual debate, public or community will be immensely helpful. This will allow you to explain your topic easily while providing the facts and own thoughts and supporting the undeniable evidence to help you promote the argument.

10 best expository essay topics for students

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is one of the best theme for a descriptive essay. It has several sub-topic like the social revolution, abusive related to women, gender inequality at work, double standard and unequal treatment. You can easily research on gender inequality and gather accurate information to write a splendid essay.


Racism is a topic that can easy to write an essay on. You can also choose sub-topics like effects of racism, the solution to racism and the history of racism. Racism is one widely talked topic so research about it very quickly. Most of the information will accurate and even have reference to. 

Global warming

Global warming is one most significant problem we humans are facing so why not write an expository essay on it. You can use subtopic like effects of global warming, things which result in global warming or to reduce global warming.

Effects of technology to our environment

Technology is one thing that we use daily and affect our lives a lot. There is a lot of ideas on this topic, as the relation of greenhouses gases and technology, how to use technology to save environments and what e-waste is and how it affects the ecosystems.

Innovative inventions

This topic is also related to the technological sector. The creative invention will daily give new subtopic to write on. As new devices are made every day. Subtopics like 3d printing effect, latest architecture and nanotechnology will provide vast information and evidence to write an expository essay.  

Biology studies and breakthroughs

All of us are humans, so we know some amount of biological knowledge. Writing an expository essay about biology studies and discovery is a pretty great idea. Sub subject like the invention of a cure or disease, Government service-related health, etc. You can easily find information and require research to write the essay.

Travel and lifestyle

The most read and easiest topic travel and lifestyle is a relatable topic. The sub-ideas like the country you won’t want to visits, child-rearing and illegal immigrant. Detail about travel and lifestyle topics are effortless to find. You can also provide evidence of it as well.

Music, Arts, Books

If you’re a person which music or arts or books then this is the best topic for you write. Ideas like pop music influence, the effect of art and summary about different books. The internet is jam-packed with information related to music, art and books. So it very to write an expository essay on it.

Important events, brilliant work and significant people in history

If more like a historical person, then this topic is for you. Mini topics like talk to a famous person, role model and a brief history of an event are there. Just write the name on the internet and get tons of information.


Religion is one of the topics that have a lot of information and evidence, but we suggest not to write on it. If you have particular reasons to write on it, go for it. The subject like History of history, which religion is better and why and new religions.  You can quickly get tons of information related to it, but we suggest not to choose this topic as religion is a very delicate topic to write on.

This all the detail how to write a near to perfect expository essay and 10 best expository essay topics. If you are a student, want to save yourself from all this work then hire someone to Take My Class for Me. Remember to a splendid essay you need to practice. Take care. Bye.

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