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5 Ways You Can Make Money as a Student In 2020

College life is full of hardships and suffering. Several factors come into play when you are going through this period of life. As a college student, you have to take into consideration various things before taking a small step. The reasons behind this are several. However, one of the reasons that make college life miserable is a shortage of resources in terms of finance.

In modern consumer-based life, money plays a vital role in shaping your life. Be it your studies or otherworldly affairs. Whether I want to take my online class through a costly platform for a better degree or buy a luxury apartment, money is the key. Hence, college students are always looking for ways to get their hands on some money through legal means. This article discusses the same subject. Today, I am going to let you know how you can earn money in your college life and get your things aligned. Here you go with the five best ways you can make money as a student in 2020:


One of the best ways for students to make money is through blogging. Blogging is the easiest as well the most beneficial in long term perspective. In order to start with a blogging career, you can begin with various online websites. These online websites let you reach potential customers in free and you can earn money by writing for these customers.

Most customers want their products to be marketed online through blogging. Hence, this becomes a useful tool for them which is cheap as well as efficient at the same time. Hence, they are constantly looking for good writers to help them market their products. You can start earning this way as well if you are committed to it.

Another way of earning money through blogging is to create your own website. This might require some investment (as low as $2.95 per month, which can be easily accommodated) initially. However, this is more profitable than the previously described method. You must upload your content recurrently on your website in this method. Various companies can host your website on this method of blogging.

Hence, all you need is to sharpen your writing skills. After that, select a niche for yourself and start earning money in a little while. You can also earn through affiliate marketing and paid promotions through blogging. If you are a good writer and you are noticed by the marketers, they are shortly going to approach you for their promotions.

Content Writing:

Content is the key today in Google’s ranking. Websites need content that can help them rank better in Google searches. Hence, they are constantly looking for writers who can achieve this for them with the help of SEO strategies. Search engine optimization saves businesses from a lot of trouble and helps them save money through organic traffic. Hence, content writing nowadays is one of the most lucrative jobs a student can get.

As a content writer, you can write on any topic. For instance, a certain business wants you to write articles in order to promote their business. Now, what you need to do is carry out proper research and find ways through which you can attract the consumer towards their product. The most fascinating aspect of being a content writer is that you can do it while sitting at home. Various websites provide this opportunity to help writers meet with businesses. You can choose any of them and start working today.

Apart from that, content editing is another job that can help you earn easy money. However, to me, it is more technical and demands you to be more skillful than a writer.

Hence, if you are into writing and love this activity, it can become a permanent source of both – income and pleasure. What else do you need if you can find a job that fulfils your passion as well?

Online Tutoring:

Tutoring has become the norm now. There was a time when students only went to school or college and didn’t need any extra tutoring. However, modernity has brought this new trend where every child must attend a tutoring session apart from school education. We are not going to dig deep into whether it’s a healthy practice or not, as it is not our subject here. However, it definitely brings an opportunity for college students who are looking to earn easily.

With the advent of technology, everything has gone online and tutoring is one fine example of it. Hence, online tutoring can become an easy way to get some extra money if you are a college student. Various online services hire tutors nowadays and allow you to teach students. It is not rocket science to find such a website and register yourself as a tutor.

Online Class Help Services:

Another trend, which might seem tricky to most readers, can help you earn money. Students who cannot get their work done by themselves hire professionals to finish it for them. Though I cannot ask someone to take my online class in my stead, I consider it an opportunity for those who need money.

You can use your skills and knowledge to help someone finish their online course. Assist a student to conduct their research for a dissertation. Besides, you might help them to complete parts of their dissertations. This might earn you some money.

However, make sure never to involve yourself in a matter which ethically or legally might impact your reputation. Remember to take care of legal and ethical norms in every situation.

Voice-Over Work:

Do you like your own voice? No? Doesn’t matter. Most Voiceover artists don’t like their own voice. However, if someone else has ever told you that you should pursue this line of career, student life is the best point to begin. Don’t think this is a hard thing to do. It is easier than you could ever think.

With an ever-increasing number of YouTube videos, commercials, radio shows and telefilms, the chances are high that you are going to get a job in this regard easily. If you like reading text louder and enjoy reading poetry or prosaic works, you might end up being a voice-over artist with a little consistency. Practice in front of a mirror, record your voice and see yourself growing as a talented artist.


Your student life does not have to be a miserable and suffering period. With a little extra effort, you can earn money that can come handy in times of need. You can pay your college fees and enjoy every now and then if you adopt one of the described methods to earn money. However, if you are lazy enough to perform these little jobs as well, debt is waiting for you at the end of college which you are going to get in terms of tuition fee and other expenditures.

Although these jobs will not affect your studies. Yet, if you feel like being left alone and want someone to help you take my online class, we can help you in this regard too as we are helping students create awareness among themselves and expand their knowledge.

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