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How to Stay Motivated in an Online Course

Studying is a significant part of life. We study to increase our knowledge and be productive. In the past learning, a new course or subject was really hard. But with the latest technological advancement, we can study at home with the help of online courses. So what are online courses?

An online course is a course that is much more feasible about the time and position as it is learned online. An online course is an excellent option for peoples who want to study but don’t have enough time to go to an educational institute daily. A lot of people get themselves into online courses which are marvellous for them. But some people lose their interest after a few days from the start of the online program. This is all because they get demotivated in the online course. If you are also struggling to find proper motivation for an online course. Then this article can be a massive help for you.

Staying motivated for an online course is a tough task on its own. Being motivated and keeping the motivation up to the level is really necessary for an online course. So how do you stay motivated in an online course?


Your lack of motivation is due to the plan you have made. Many people get demotivated from online courses as they just can’t seem to make time for other things. Having a schedule which only consists of work and learning is no fun at all. Our body and mind demand some level of relaxation. Make a proper schedule having adequate time for studying, working, sleeping and other activities. We humans aren’t robots that we can just work all day long. Our mind requires different social and physical activity to keep us healthy. Making a schedule was be a considerable task initially, but after a while, it will be a no brainer. Some people have a plan that they follow daily but can’t seem to get motivated. This is because their schedule is so jam-packed that they get almost no time to enjoy. Remember to a make schedule that helps you and makes adequate time for everything.

Social factor

In typical kind of studies, we spend time with different people that complete our social need. In online courses, we just meet our instructor, who we mostly meet online. Try to find friends that are doing that same online course or even related to the course. Many online courses websites provide the students with detail of other nearby students. If your online course’s website also does that then meet with some of the students. You will find a lot of good friends. If your website doesn’t offer this feature than just try to meet new people near you. This completes the social needs and helps you stay motivated. Many people think that they don’t need a friend and can do everything themselves. This type of thinking is really wrong as we human wouldn’t survive if we weren’t untied. Stephen Covey in his famous book “7 habits of highly effective people” says that to be successful and be effective, we need to be Inter-independence. Many people don’t know what Inter-independence is? Inter-independence is the mix of being independent while also being interdependent.

Family and friends support

An online course is very time consuming and quite mind taking as well. Like the ordinary courses, we need proper support from our family and friends to keep us motivated to study. Online courses also require assistance from family and friends. Tell your problems to the closet people to you, and they will surely do anything to help you. Many people who do online courses are working or even managing their homes. You will need to make yourself quick enough to do all the work in time, so you will have time left for the studies. It can be a great motivation if one of your friends also enrols in the same online course. This will help you and your friend to help study and related to each other better.


If you are a working man/woman doing an online course, then you will often miss classes as you are tired. Initially, you will be tried as your stamina is not up to the level. You can contact your employer to allow you work one-two extra hours daily to get an extra off day. On extra off days, you just study and complete your online course. For example, you worked 7 hours daily in the office for 6 days. But now you work 8-9 hours daily in the office for 5 days. This will get you more extra days and giving you more time to complete your online courses. Some online classes also give small assignments and a short video to watch throughout the week. You can work/watch on these while you are travelling to the job. According to recent research, 10% of the time in the career is spent on travelling. You can easily save time by utilising this time by listening to an audiobook or completing assignments. Every second in your life is really important, and you need to save every second of it.

Realistic goals

Many people make goals that aren’t realistic at all, and they start making a deduction at the start of online courses. These goals and deduction demotivate the person as completing an online course take time. People think that they will complete the course in a matter of days. Try to make goals that are realistic and easily achievable. An achievable goal will help you motivate as you will see yourself completing it. Patience is also a big thing that many people lack. Patience in an online course is vital as online classes are much slower, and sometimes the schedule is longer. It takes times to observe the benefits of an online course. Mostly the time is 5-6 months but can be much longer.

Imagine the future.

The best way to stay motivated in an online course is by imagining the result of the course. Think about what new skills and knowledge you will gain through the course and how they will help you in future. Many people see a bright and awesome future which really help them to complete their course. Another small thing that you can do is to make the course necessary to succeed. This makes the class a necessity for you to complete.

Use an achievement giving online course website.

This tip is not much to understand by people as they mix it with a realistic goal. While finding an online course, find a website that gives small badges for all the completed course. Then will boost your confidence eventually motivating you to keep achieving the online course. Another thing many people don’t do in their daily life is uploaded the achievement on social media. Many experts suggest uploading your progress on the internet. This helps you show off your skills to your family and friends. Recent research proves that showing off certain skills will help you motivate to improve further.

These all the main tips you will need to stay motivated in an online course. All the suggestions were helpful for me as I Take My Classes Online. We hope that you get the full benefit of all the tips.

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