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Top productivity apps for online students

Being an online student is not an easy task in this modern age. Most of the online students have a busy schedule as most of them are working. Almost all of their life is filled with the different intense task. People think that online learning is effortless, as you can learn anywhere and anytime. But the case is totally different as they have to do a hard job to sustain life. If you are an online student, then here are some top productivity apps for you to help you cope with the day.


Getting thing done otherwise known as GTD-Q, is the best app to manage all your tasks. We get stress when we get stuck or forget to do our work. This stress is really killing your productivity killer, and this helps you reduce stress. If you find yourself stuck on work or daily forget tasks you need to do then this app is for you. GTD-Q allows you to write all the responsibilities of the day and mark them as you complete them. The great thing about it is available for both iPhone and iPad which provide synchronisation on a different device. Currently, it is priced $2 per month, but they usually offer free membership to many people.


We all know that discipline and determination is the key to the success of online students. Online students have the advantage of a flexible schedule to study, but it’s totally the opposite. Online students often have other kinds of work during the day they forget to study and manage the time table. Many students have this problem of that they can’t decide what they want to do and what they are doing. This can create a mental block in the mind of the students stopping him/her from the full potential. To get unstuck from this block mental block can help you a lot.

The app gives you a different option to tell the app your mood. Whether you are conflicted, indecisive, overwhelmed or any other feeling the app will tell you. This will help solve your mood problems and get the best mood possible. If you’re feeling down it will give tasks or joker or music that enlighten your mode. While this is not a study-related app but this helps you to increase your daily productivity and creativity level by changing the mood. Currently, this app is almost available for all operating system whether it IOS or android or even a windows PC.

Chegg textbook

Online students don’t have a lot of information as compared to regular students. Due to this, they need external help to get related information to the topic. They can’t just go the campus and use the campus library. They need to buy different books to get the required information where Chegg textbook apps come to hand. Chegg ships printed books, and while you wait for the arrival of the book, you can read the eBook of the app. You can also buy only the eBook to reduce the overall cost. When you are done with hard copies of the book, you can just sale them the Chegg as well. Chegg is available on android and IOS to use. Soon a browser version will also be introduced.

Scanner Mini/Pro

Sometimes even online student notes to picture of notes and relevant information for their homework. Mostly the information is found in places where there is no photocopier near you. This where scanner pro is your best bet to have a record of information. This app takes a professional quality picture of papers that is almost near to scanned copied. This app was the app of the week in 2014 and featured by apple. Currently, scanner pro IOS app cost $2.99, while the scanner mini (a cut down version of scanner pro) is free. The main difference in the pro and min version is that the pro version allows converting and upload pictures to different websites as Icloud, dropbox and EverNote.  


With the hard schedule of the online student, they very little time to read. If you want to increase your reading speed, then this app can be beneficial. It trains your mind to read faster and understand better. Many people get neck cramps from reading too much spritz is a way to save yourself from these painful neck cramps.  Spritz gives a small break during reading to relax your muscles and read again after a while. Spritz is more like an add on for your phone and pc then app to help. Just open the spritz experience website to try it.

StudyBlue Flashcards

Before we tell you about this app, I would say to you about research. According to the study, flashcard increases the learning speed by 2x. Studyblue is a flashcard app that allows you to view different flashcards and you can also make your own flashcard. You can also download your own flashcards to send to other people. Another feature about this app that you can paste these flashcards in the EverNote app. Just to sign in your google or facebook account and get the flashcard on almost all devices. You can currently use this app on the web , IOS and Android. Download it now to learn twice the speed than before.


One of the main problem faced by online students that all their work has spread all cross there computer. IFTTT is the solution to this that all allow you to merge things like messages and other files to make one file on topic. Many apps give this functionality, but what makes IFTTT different is it the power to merge data from phones to pc. IFTTT is available for IOS, Android and Web.


If you are an online student, you often found a website that has all the required information, but you don’t have enough time to read it. Then when you have time, you can’t seem to find the link. Readability helps you to save the link on the go and read them later. Many browsers offer this feature so why choose readability. Readability removes all the ads from the website and can change the formats of text to your liking. This will help you reduce eye strain and fatigue with its features. All the saved sites’ links can be viewed on all the device with the same account. Readability is available on android and IOS. For all the windows user you download their add on for browser.

Dragon Dictation

As an online course student, we need to save time by multitasking. If you want to multitask while making lunch, washing dishes or any other thing then this app is for you. Dragon dictation is a speech recognition app that converts your voice to digitally written documents. Dragon dictation helps you save plenty of time. You can use this app in a different class to write to your teachers’ lectures. The app is available on Android and IOS. This is totally secure and pirate any voice to the servers as it is developed by Nuance Crop. Many students ask that Can Someone Take My Online Classes For Me with this app, anyone can help you will have the required notes.

These were some top productivity apps for an online student to have. Remember to study while taking care of your body and mind.

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